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Our Guarantee

“A satisfied customer is our best investment”; simply put.
We truly believe that when our customers are delighted with the consistency and quality of our cleaning services, we’re establishing the basis of a sound, positive long-lasting relationship.


Floor Stipping / Waxing and Rug Shampooing

As a full service floor and rug care cleaning provider, we can handle any of your flooring maintenance needs. We take pride in our work using years of expertise in this area, as well as using the latest, cutting edge equipment. We specialize in caring for older tile floors, stripping and waxing them, and in complete rug shampooing services


Facility Maintenance Tasks

Over the years, we’ve been asked to add on to our typical cleaning tasks when it comes to on site facilities help. With this experience, we can perform all common maintenance tasks on the fly. We currently perform these types of tasks for many of our customers saving them money and aggravation.


Cleaning Times and Operations

Most of our cleaning services are performed after normal business hours, although we have a growing number of businesses who request cleaning services be performed during daytime hours as well. The initial visit always takes longer to perform, and we execute the extra cleaning at no additional charge to you. It’s our way of saying…Thank you for starting with United Cleaning.


Communications and Quality Assurance

“A satisfied customer is our best investment”; simply put. Existing clients of ours have the option to email, phone, use a log book and /or receive personal visits from us as ways to stay in touch. We listen to your needs and tailor our services to suite your exact expectations. We want you to be completely comfortable with every aspect of our business relationship. We are in contact with all of our staff regularly to ensure their growth and success.


Insurance and Coverage

We have never needed it yet, but in case of an emergency or accident, we’re completely bonded and insured by a $1,000,000 general liability insurance policy. Additionally, all employees have complete workers’ compensation insurance and all applicable state and federal tax withholdings are applied.

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